Full Circle: Researching the Problem of Waste Textiles and Creating a Design Concept by Re-Design, 2018

Lora Holjevac, 2018

The project entitled Full Circle: Researching the Problem of Waste Textiles and Creating a Design Concept by Re-Design, 2018 conducted by the Center for Research of Fashion and Clothing (CIMO), 2018, aims to research, analyze, problematize and offer creative design solutions. collection, recovery, recycling and reuse of textile waste material. The project is oriented towards sustainable design, following in the footsteps of the circular economy.

Today, the world is congested with an excess of textile and fashion products that are flooding the market, discarded and becoming a very expensive polluter of the natural environment, which is also present in our reality. The project develops awareness of the potential value of reusing textile waste in creative solutions, thereby helping to strengthen environmental awareness, sensitize the public by contributing to the creation of creative visual reality and a new attitude towards the problem of waste textile materials.

Forms of useful collection of textile waste (either as private initiatives, social enterprises or state initiatives) have been developed around the world to collect, intervene and reuse textile items / raw materials (about 70% of garments come into use through various forms of distribution of used clothing: second hand shops, redesign, individual forms of recycling). We have barely visible efforts in this direction, with the exception of the existence of the social cooperative "Humana Nova", Čakovec, which is pioneering attempts to increase awareness of the collection and purposeful sorting and recycling of such material. Instead of a linear economy (take, use and throw), we are joining new trends in the development of a circular economy, which counts on intervention in the entire production and consumption cycle in terms of efficient use, recovery, recycling and reuse of resources.

Within the current efforts to understand more complex cultural phenomena, and according to the model of interdisciplinary anthropological and economic approach, there is a need for research focus on relationships in nature, resources, sustainability and economic behavior by methods of meaningful projects where (re) design is used as a method of responsible creative and useful behavior.


Designers: Andrea Kurtić, Lora Holjevac and Morana Radočaj are involved in the project.


* the project is supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia, for 2018.

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