Men's Manifesto: Forms of Visual Representation and Appearance of Male Identity in the Media Culture of Yugoslav Socialism, 2016

Ante Roca Ho Ruk Stupnik, 1950

The Men's Manifesto Project: Forms of Visual Representation and Appearance of Male Identity in the Media Culture of Yugoslav Socialism, implemented by the Center for research of Fashion and Clothing (CIMO) for 2016, is a continuation of research, problematization, elaboration and presentation of results related to fashion, clothing and clothing practices in the period of Yugoslav socialism mainly on the pattern of male identity and is part of a larger, already launched project Men's Manifesto. The project examines the forms and meanings of the visual representation of male identity, namely the appearance, stereotypes, masculinity, typology, habitus understood as a broader (clothing) personal space visible in media culture. The focus is on researching the visual representation of ideological function, leisure, sports, consumerist practices and tourism, everyday culture, industrial production and the industry of creating an image of clothing and appearance (publicity, advertising, propaganda).

The project envisages simultaneous research of verbal and visual material related to appearance and clothing, with a strong focus on problematizing male stereotypes, typology and personal space visible in media culture, and in the field of archived official and private individual documentaries - texts and photographs in newspapers, magazines, brochures , literature, propaganda materials, advertisements; testimonies - conversations with the protagonists in the form of videos; artifacts and documents in museums and official or private individual holdings / archives.

* The research is part of the project: Men's Manifesto: Construction of Stereotypes and Representations of "Male Fantasies" - Clothing, Appearance, Typology and Forms of Social Functioning of Male Power in the Age of Yugoslav Socialism, CIMO, 2014.

* Part of the research was presented in a statement at the Symposium of the University of Pula: Socialism on the bench - socialism: construction and deconstruction, held on October 3,2015 entitled: Rhetoric of photo-image as a medium of mass visual communication and canonization of the ideological matrix of masculinity ''. (Book of Abstracts, p. 76)


* Photo: Ante Roca

* The project is supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia and the City Office for Culture, Education and Sports of the City of Zagreb, for 2016.

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