Fashion micro-production: space for new design practices, 2016

Micro-production, Zagreb, 2016

The Fashion Micro-Production Project - a space for new design practices carried out by the Center for Research of Fashion and Clothing (CIMO) aims to question the forms of the so-called micro-production, characterized by traditional ways of working in a format from handicrafts to craft technologies used for individual rather than serial production, and where the relationship to work and object affirms the hand, the integral work process and the symbolic power of individual work and creative approach.

We see these productions, which preserve the "human measure", as a potential space for new design practices, as a vital space that offers a change in the relationship between design and artistic craft (design versus craft). Starting from today's new clothing theories and practices, the focus is on questioning traditional and local values, on individual and ethical approaches to dressing outside the fashion system, striving for slow fashion and sustainability.

The project envisages mapping, research, elaboration and presentation of the results of the research of the local culture of clothing in the outskirts of the city and the clothing of peasants today. The focus of this phase of the project is on researching and documenting the way of working on the formation of own clothing (home production, local tailors), as well as local organized forms of micro production (craftsmen, crafts) and their impact, mixing and overflowing traditional habits according to new practices. , especially the concept and vision of the city.

The project includes field work, recordings (photo, audio and video), stays in locations outside the city and within the Zagreb County, as well as the city of Zagreb itself, where organized micro-productions (tailoring salons, craft shops) are explored.


* The project is supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia and the City Office for Culture, Education and Sports of the City of Zagreb, for 2016.

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* Photo: private archives t.v.