Creative workshops: Creation, affirmation, integration, CIMO and RCT, 2016 and 2017


At the invitation of RCT, and within their project Creation, Affirmation, Integration, a creative workshop of thread and needle embroidery on textiles for users under international care will be conducted in the centers for asylum seekers in Kutina and Porin (Zagreb). The workshops will be mentored and conducted by Center for Research of  Fashion and Clothing (CIMO).

The workshop starts on 24.11.2016. and will last until 04.05.2017, a total of 24 workshops. Workshops will take place every week at the Kutina Asylum Center and the Porin Center in Zagreb. This creative workshop in Kutina will include 35 users, and in Porin, Zagreb, 56 users, coming from Afghanistan, Iran, Syria, Iraq, Somalia and Turkey, of which about 80% are women and 20% are men, different ages, from 7 to 61 g.

The goals of the workshop, set in the title (Creation, affirmation, integration) are aimed at motivating integration and creative work, since the workshops will implement a creative-therapeutic textile embroidery program where users use well-known traditional skills in working on textiles. The method of work is individual, which tests existing skills by introducing gradually more creatively demanding tasks. In addition to the therapeutic effect itself, there is multifaceted communication, strong socialization, and workshops should show the results achieved in the art of embroidering decorative and functional products that potentially have commercial value. One of the most valuable dimensions of this kind of work is the context of community in which different cultural practices are exchanged but also merged in an atmosphere of constant dialogue. By bringing and transferring their own experience, memory and interpretation into a new environment, through methods of conversation and creative practical work, the users will achieve good communication and better integration. At the end of the workshop, the realized creative works will be publicly presented, which should express the result of dialogue and merging of different cultural values that speak the language of community in creation. The language of creation can again in this case prove to be a universal and effective way of affirmation and integration in the new environment.


* Photo: Tjaša Kalkan and Tonči Vladislavić

* The project of workshops Creation - Affirmation - Integration refers to the process of integration of persons under international protection carried out by RCT, Zagreb.

* The project is funded by the Ministry of Demography, Family, Youth and Social Policy; implementation period: 1.11.2016. - 31.10.2017.

* Copyright © cimo - center for research of fashion and clothing and RCT. All rights reserved.