Fashion and Clothing: New Theories and New Practices, Cycle of Public Lectures, 2014

Photography: Christian Boltanski, A memorial to nothing, 2010

Cycle of 7 public lectures in the field of fashion theory, clothing, creative industries, micro production, new fashion theories, fashion criticism, new practices, problematization of memory and memory transfer, problematization of archives, digital archives and archiving, etc.

A series of lectures Fashion and Clothing: New Theories and New Practices was held every Friday from 7.11. to 19.12.2014.,  Zelena akcija, Frankopanska 1., Zagreb.

The lectures aimed to present the work of the Center for Research of Fashion and Clothing (CIMO)  to the general public and through an open discussion format to discuss certain current topics that CIMO deals with. The following lectures were held:

1. Cultural aspects of visual (Sonja Briski Uzelac), 07.11.2014.

2. Slow Fashion System in the function of fashion activism (Tonči Vladislavić), 14.11.2014.

3. Family archive - photography, memory and clothing practices (Lea Vene), November 21, 2014.

4. Inventory of fashion and clothing - clothing for the elderly (Ivana Čuljak), 28.11.2014.

5. Comradess à la mode - clothing and fashion in Zagreb from 1945 to 1960 (Tonči Vladislavić), 05.12.2014.

6. Žuži Jelinek: A Fashion Ambassador (Maja Arčabić), 12 December 2014

7. Šutej's Antimode - Utopian Fashion Manifesto (Tonči Vladislavić), 19.12.2014.


Today, in the visual arts, we are faced with encounters, intersections, overlaps, as well as the cohabitation of various forms of creative practices. A significant part of this is new approaches to the theory of fashion, body and clothing, their research, problematization and archiving as part of the global network. It is no longer possible to insist on a separate approach to individual disciplines, but on the contrary, to open questions and achieve a new, multidisciplinary experience. Of particular importance today is the redefined notion of the Archive, as a form of formatted distribution of the space of active social memory, in the face of forms of new creative practices.

The new globalization reality seeks new cultural, theoretical and creative practices that raise awareness of one's own space as a material of possible distribution and consumption beyond local borders. Multidisciplinary, regional, European and world associations with the interests of kinship but also with related practices of cultural permeation are created, which presupposes the existence of related habits and forms of highly developed culture of communication, e.g. Europeana Fashion. Design, fashion and clothing represent a very strong creative, communicative and promotional drive of visual production, and through a globally visible network.

Lectures are related to existing CIMO center projects that become case studies for the implementation of seminars and workshops.

Keywords: interdisciplinarity, theory of art, fashion and clothing, ethnology, cultural anthropology, lecture, seminar, workshop, creative industries, micro production, archive, new theories of archive, digital archives.

Project leader: Lea Vene

* the project is supported by the City Office for Culture, Education and Sports of the City of Zagreb, for 2014 and the Zelena akcija /Green Action

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